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2022 COA 3MT® Competition


What is the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®)?

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®​) is a university-wide competition for graduate students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges. The challenge is to present complex research in an engaging, accessible, and compelling way, using only one static slide.

The 3MT®​ competition provides graduate students with an opportunity to refine skills that can be transferred after graduation to diverse career paths. Distilling complex research into a clear form, without over-simplifying, and highlighting the wider implications of the research are important skills to carry into post-graduate employment and public service. 

  • Students must be registered in a Masters (Thesis or MRP) or PhD program at the time of the 3MT®​ competition, and must have made substantial progress on their research and analysis. 

  • Course-based Masters students are ineligible.

  • PhD and Masters students who have defended, but have not yet convocated, are eligible to participate. 

  • 3MT®​ presentations must represent the primary research the student conducted in their graduate program.

​More rules guidelines are available on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

COA Heat Competition

For 2022, the College of Arts will accept pre-recorded video submissions of the presentations via email using the contact information below. All students MUST register before submitting. The video submission deadline is March 7th. Students will have their videos and slides played during the virtual College Heat via Microsoft Teams on March 8th at 2PM. Please note, students will not need to do a live presentation. The winner will be announced on March 9th.

This is the feeder heat for the University (and then Provincial, National, etc.) competition. The COA will be offering cash prizes to our first, second and third place finalists, with $300 top prize, $200 second, and $100 third. 

Please note, all videos submitted will be shared on our website for public viewing.

The full competition has several simple rules listed on the website above and to move on to the University Heat you will need to meet those eligibility conditions. But, the COA Heat is open to everyone who wants to present their research to their peers and have fun doing it. The only conditions for March 8th are that you must be a currently registered COA grad, must keep the presentation to three minutes, and can only use one slide. 


Important Dates:

March 1 - Registration deadline - EXTENDED to March 4
March 7 - College submission deadline
March 8 - College heat presentation, virtual, 2PM
March 9 - College winner announced
April 1 - Video submission deadline for University competition
April 15 - University-wide competition


Video Information

Students have two options for video submission:

1. Submit Video & Slide Edited Together or
2. Submit Video & Slide Separately

Video submission rules.

1. Students Submit Recorded Video & Slide Edited Together Using WeVideo:

  1. All U of G students have access to the online video editing software WeVideo* through the Media Studio at the library (email them for access) - mediastudio.lib@uoguelph.ca
  2. Here is the link to the Library's WeVideo How-To Guide.
  3. The Media Studio in the library will support students in 2 ways:
    1. Students can book one-on-one appointments to get help with WeVideo, Teams, Streams or Zoom
    2. Graduate Studies can set up a 3MT WeVideo workshop run by the Media Studio staff (they need one week's notice).

*Students may edit their video on other video editing platforms/apps provided it follows the video submission rules.

2. Students Submit Recorded Video & Slide Separately:

  1. Students do not need to edit their slide and video together, but can simply submit them separately to be played for the College heat. 
  2. Please note, in order for student winners to proceed to the finals, the video and slide will need to be edited together for submission.


Registration Information

Registration is open until March 1st and you can sign up by emailing the following information to the COA 3MT® coordinator Danielle DiFruscia (ddifrus@uoguelph.ca):

  • Name (title/first/last)
  • Degree (Master's or PhD)
  • School/Faculty/Institute/Supervisor
  • Thesis title
  • 3MT® Presentation title

Please submit all final videos to ddifrus@uoguelph.ca by March 7th.


University of Guelph Final Competition

The University of Guelph final competition is April 15th. For more information, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website.


For more information, please contact:
Danielle DiFruscia
Communications & Outreach Specialist
College of Arts