Centres, Institutes and Labs | College of Arts

Centres, Institutes and Labs

Within the College of Arts, our academic units have associated or interdisciplinary research centres and institutes


Digital Humanities @ Guelph
DH @ Guelph provides a forum for colleagues to network, discuss and learn about the digital world and its impact on our work.

The Humanities Interdisciplinary Collaboration Lab (THINC Lab)
The Humanities Interdisciplinary Collaboration Lab (THINC) is a space that supports collaborative, interdisciplinary, and digital humanities research at the U of G. 

Grounded and Engaged Theory Lab (GET)
The Grounded and Engaged Theory Lab at the University of Guelph encourages the use of empirical research methodologies and socially-engaged studies to help ground normative theorizing in people’s lived experiences

International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation
IICSI is a central source for the collection and dissemination of research on the social implications of improvisational music practices.

Interdisciplinary Design Lab
The IDL is a space for researchers from the arts, engineering and sciences to come together and cross-pollinate ideas. The lab allows users to develop products using modern advanced manufacturing methods

School of Fine Art and Music

School of Fine Art and Music Print Study Collection
The print study collection is a student-initiated, student-supported, student-run and student-focused resource containing over 2,200 fine art prints spanning the technological and aesthetic developments of fine art printmaking from the sixteenth century to today.

Department of History

Centre for Scottish Studies
The centre carries out research, graduate training and teaching on Scottish history and Scottish culture, with special emphasis on their global dimensions.