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Creating and delivering accessible PowerPoint presentations

Join Athol Gow from the Library as they discuss PowerPoint Accessibility.  PowerPoint accessibility involves the creation of accessible digital files as well as the use of accessible presentation techniques. Both these facets of PowerPoint accessibility will be discussed, along with important...

Supporting Students in their Online Learning

Join Joannah O’Hatnick and Victoria Fritz from the library as they discuss how to support students in their online learning.   How does an exclusively online learning format affect students’ motivation for learning, especially in cases where the students would prefer an in-person format? How does...
Poster with a late 19th century or early 20th century woman sitting at a kitchen table.

Rural Women's Studies Association 14th Triennial Conference

From May 11 to 15, 2021, the RWSA is hosting their 14th Triennial Conference, Kitchen Table Talk To Global Forum Virtual Conference at the University of Guelph. The RWSA is an...

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