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Norman Smith's co-edited Chinese language books, among other.

Professor Norman Smith's co-edited compilation (5 vols.) of Manchukuo literature

with Liu Xiaoli, Okada Hideki, Zhang Quan, Ōkubo Akio, Kim Jaeyong, Ronald Suleski, Li Haiying, Chen Yan, and Chen Shi. Wei Man wenxue ciliao zhengli yu yanjiu congshu (Manchukuo Literary Materials Compilation and Research Collection). Harbin: Beifang wenyi chubanshe, 2017 (34 volumes) & his edited Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria.  Vancouver: UBC Press, 2017 are out in the bookstores.

monica pearce

Creative Women at the End of the First World War

Monica Pearce wins the first jointly sponsored University of Guelph, School of Fine Art and Music – School of Languages and Literatures competition to encourage early-career Canadian women composers.