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The College of Arts and the Experiential Learning Hub

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This is a space for College of Arts students to explore who they are, uncover what interests them, learn why the world needs them, and understand how to build a meaningful career.

While exploring the Arts Career Space you will find:

  • A career building roadmap
  • Tools and resources to support career exploration and development.
  • Opportunities to engage in career development.
  • Steps on how to conduct an effective job search.
  • Access to Courselink Modules to support your career success and a guide to explore your course-based and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities.
  • Learn how to access services to help you with your unique career questions.
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Yes, Arts students possess skills in demand by employers! Discover what you have to offer.

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Career has become associated with the idea of finding a job title. So if it isn't a job title, what is it?

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Leverage the Career Challenge Mindset to uncover meaningful career possibilities with many job titles.

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How do you get experience when you don't have experience? Learn more about opportunities on campus.

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Employers need your knowledge, strengths and skills. Learn more about finding and applying for jobs.

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Wayfinding; engage in what you want to learn more about! Volunteering, events, work, advising, and more.

Who are the College of Arts Students?

You are completing an academic major or graduate studies in one of the following departments:

School of English and Theatre StudiesSchool of Fine Art and MusicSchool of Languages and LiteraturesPhilosophy DepartmentHistory Department.

Or you are a student in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program or Culture and Technology Studies.


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