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Experiential Learning is a part of our core mandate at the University of Guelph. We believe that students benefit from engaging directly in workplaces and communities and applying their learnings in real-world contexts. You'll develop key competencies, gain a deeper understanding of complex social issues, and collaborate with others on exciting projects. Resources include:



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Guelph Arts Apprenticeship Program (GAAP) is open to all eligible graduating College of Arts students. GAAP offers the opportunity to a full-time, paid one-year professional experience that provides mentorship, skill development, and the ability to contribute to the growth and development of a City of Guelph organization. GAAP participants will receive career and employment readiness supports, such as job-search readiness learning modules, workshops, and Career Advising professionals. 


Find Your People

Explore and find like-minded people to connect, share knowledge and resources, begin to develop professional relationships.

Bachelor of Arts & Science Student Association (BASSA)

The Bachelor of Arts and Science Student Association is the student government representing BAS students at the University of Guelph. By organizing academic and social events, they provide opportunities for students to foster a community.

College of Arts Student Union (CASU)

The College of Arts Student Union represents undergraduate students in the College of Arts and hosts academic and social events that allow you to expand your network and the world around you related to Arts programs. 

Student Life

Student Experience mission is to cultivate learning that is lasting and transformative for students. They offer student advising and support and an amazing Gryph Life calendar highlighting what's happening on campus.

    Support and Wellness


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