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Career Advising 

There are many career opportunities and directions available to art students after graduation. The Experiential Learning Hub Career Advisors are qualified to provide support in helping you uncover your unique career pathway. They can show you how to make informed choices that can positively affect your journey, including: 

  • Improving awareness of your skills and strengths 
  • Understanding future career and education options 
  • Building labour market knowledge and job search strategies 

Career Services

  • Career exploration and growth
  • Resume development and feedback
  • Interview coaching and preparation
  • Job search support
  • Further education planning
  • Other career-related questions

When would I see a Career Advisor? 

  • You would like to explore your interests and career options.
  • You need support with your current or upcoming job search.
  • You are navigating future education options.
  • You have a disability and would like support related to strategies for workplace success.
  • You are unsure of what you can do with your degree.
  • You would like help with your resume or interview.

Nicola Edwards, Career Advisor, Experiential Learning Hub


Career Advisors are available for appointments through a virtual/ online delivery option (Teams in Office 365). Career Advisors are ready to meet with students on a variety of topics including job search support, interview preparation, career development, further education planning, and much more. To book an appointment, login to your Experience Guelph account and in the left hand menu, click on "Career" and then "Appointments". 


Experiencial Learning Services

When would I connect with the EL Developer? 

  • You want help learning more about experiential learning

  • You’re interested in doing an independent study or EL project and don’t know where to start

  • You want some tools to help you reflect on your EL work

  • You’re working with a faculty member in a course or independent study who has questions about EL

  • You have questions about EL and accessibility

  • You had a great EL experience and you want to share it on the COA website!

  • You’d like more information about the Guelph Arts Apprenticeship Program or have an employer recommendation!

Kate Hoad-Reddick, Experiential Learning Partnership & Educational Developer, COA


Meet Our Team

Nicola edwards

Career Services

Nicola Edwards believes in developing you, not just your skills! With the University of Guelph since 2013, her roles include Coop Instructor and Career Advisor, and she brings with her a decade of public sector career services experience. Her career development approaches include both narrative and chaos theories of careers and the experiential learning cycle. Certified in both Positive Psychology and Coaching, her approach is holistic.  She is a champion of the Career Challenge Mindset as a framework to uncover and plan a students' unique career pathway, in the future of work.

kate road hoedek

Experiential Learning Services

Dr. Kate Hoad-Reddick is an experiential learning developer and sessional instructor in the College of Arts at the University of Guelph. Kate is passionate about empowering students to see their own potential. With degrees in English, Theatre, and Media Studies, Kate is an expert in translating academic achievements into transferable and attractive employability skills. With experience working in the non-profit arts sector, educational fundraising and development, academic instruction, and relationship management, Kate brings her communications experience to her own professional journey. Kate believes learning the language of your own skills is an essential step in starting your career and she takes every opportunity to help students discover their own voice and goals.


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