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Student Eligibility

To apply for roles available in this program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The program will be open to graduating College of Arts, as well as Arts and Science (with a COA minor*) students
  • Completing the final year of study, and ready to enter the workforce by May 2023.
  • Graduating S22, F22, or W23
  • Able to commit to 12 continuous months of full-time employment beginning not later than June 1st, 2023
  • Willing to attend job search readiness workshops and access coaching to ensure a quality application process. 

What this program offers:

  • This is program offers a one-year paid, professional experience that provides mentorship, skill development, and the ability to contribute to the growth and development of a local organization. 
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to participate in real-world application processes through applying to multiple positions, interviewing, and employer offer. 
  • The program provides career and employment readiness supports through workshops and, one-on-one meetings with a Career Advisor.

Program Benefits

Apply to multiple roles to increase your employment offer success.

Workshops and one-on-one coaching to support you in leveling up your application and interviewing skills to help prepare you for the competitive process of launching your career.

Leverage the value of your first professional experience for your next role:

  • Work experience that offers professional growth and skills development
  • The opportunity to contribute to something larger than yourself
  • Learn more about what you love to do, develop your transferable skills, discover your personality strengths, and acquire technical skills
  • Develop your professional brand and build out your online presence i.e. LinkedIn
  • Build professional relationships and grow your network

Program Eligibility 

Graduating Students from one of the following two streams

College of Arts, honours or general program, majoring in:

  • Art History, Classical Studies, English, European Studies, French Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Studio Art, or Theater Studies.

*Bachelor of Arts and Science student with a College of Arts (COA) specialization, defined as:

  • Art History, Classical Studies, English, European Culture and Civilization, French Studies, German, History, Italian, Museum Studies, Music, Philosophy, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, or Theater Studies.
** for more eligible program information see FAQ's


Program Registration

Complete the registration and short questionnaire: GAAP REGISTRATION 

Still have questions about the GAAP program, please contact:

Nicola Edwards, B.A., CDP, CAPP, APPC
Career Advisor & Educator, Experiential Learning Hub, University of Guelph
519-824-4120 Ext. 52119  



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