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What does it mean to live in a digital world? Technology has changed the ways we work, play, and study. Technology permeates our culture - how we perceive, understand, and live in the world. The CTS program invites you to grapple with big questions about the role of technology in human society and includes hands-on experimentation in cultural analysis, creation, representation, visualization, and performance using digital and related technologies.

CTS combines a passion for arts and culture with curiosity about technology. Explore digital methods including storytelling, visualization, gaming, and publishing. Learn to use digital tools and use them to think ethically, creatively, and critically about topics from across the arts.

Understand how the Web works and how we can use technology to make a difference in our world.

Our students are:

  • Passionate about the arts and humanities (including English, history, philosophy, languages, performance, and fine art).
  • Curious about the role of technology and looking to explore its applications.
  • Thinking about career paths that combine culture and technology.
  • Interested in the complex relationships linking power, digital knowledge, digital cultures, and the use of data.
  • Ready to tackle ethical questions about technological objects such as who has access and whose interests they serve.

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