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Culture & Technology Studies

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Bachelor of Arts Major and Minor launching Fall 2021. Select courses available from Fall 2020.


CTS offers a unique and flexible path to explore the role of culture and creativity in an increasingly digital world, using various technologies as part of the process. It emerges from the understanding that technology is inextricably linked to human experience, culture, and society. CTS courses tackle the complex relationships among power, knowledge, digital cultures, the representation of data, and the ethical questions surrounding the development, application, and accessibility of technologies. CTS students learn to intervene in and contribute to the contemporary world as agile creators, curators, communicators, and citizens.

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In addition to completing the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in CTS, you can add an optional Areas of Emphasis in: Performance, Making & Design | Storytelling & Public Humanities |  Power, Identities, & Equity.  Each emphasis curates a unique set of courses that will allow you to apply and explore digital methods in a way that is meaningful to you. These may inspire interest in a specific career path, further research, or allow you to combine your studies in CTS with another subject (Minor or Double-Major).

Each emphasis requires the completion of 2.00 credits in restricted electives. Select options include mandatory CTS courses. Majors who select to complete an area of emphasis will see it appear on their transcript.

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