Why choose CTS? | College of Arts

Why choose CTS?

Technology shapes cultures & cultures shape technologies

There is a growing awareness of the profound impacts of digital tools, interfaces, and algorithms on individuals, societies, and cultures.

Digital methods allow us to answer the big questions asked by the humanities, and the technological sector requires people with the critical thinking, creativity, research, and communication skills taught in arts and humanities programs.

That means new ways of thinking and learning

The intersection of culture and technology is an exciting and swiftly changing field of inquiry. The program blends the arts and technology, providing students with a combination of traditional critical thinking and versatile, hands-on skills for engaging with and creating knowledge.

Culture and Technology Studies offers a unique and flexible program of study through which to explore the role of culture and creativity in an increasingly digital world, using technologies themselves as part of the process.

For new roles combining culture & tech

Culture and Technology Studies is designed to turn out critical and creative thinkers poised to contribute to the world and the workplace in many different ways.

Understanding the digital world provides a foundation for making choices and making change. It provides a great background for careers in museums, digital heritage, and other areas of the arts. It prepares people for digital content creation, software experience design, and data analysis. It provides the kind of broad understanding needed to work in public policy, law, and other strategic organizations.

As technologies increasingly shape our world and our actions, a degree in CTS will only become more relevant and associated career opportunities more numerous.

Is CTS for you?

If you are interested in the arts or humanities as well as the ways technology has shaped how we engage with them, then CTS may be right for you!

Explore the Program Overview and the Areas of Emphasis, as you think about what you want from your degree. Review the Pathways for majors and minors, consider the Co-op option, and head over to the FAQ page for additional information. Check out profiles of Guelph students who’ve studied culture and technology in a range of courses. We’d love to have you join us!

A few reasons to study CTS at Guelph:

  • You will be engaged with a new and fascinating field of interdisciplinary study that combines traditional arts and humanities with new technologies.
  • The CTS program provides a range of ways to focus your studies, to combine CTS with other majors or minors, and to pursue Areas of Emphasis that match your interests.
  • The wide range of Context and disciplinary Praxis courses allows you to develop your knowledge and skills in individualized ways, and positions you to embark on varied and interesting careers.
  • A CTS degree connects valuable practical skills to your humanities interests, such as analyzing technologies, working with data, or learning to code.
  • The CTS co-op program (from Fall 2022) lets you gain workplace experience and on-the-job-skills in a range of settings.