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Black Canadian Studies

Why Black Canadian Studies?

Our students want to be part of building a culture of inclusion that identifies and rejects racist and oppressive practices. Courses in this minor open minds and imaginations so that you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate a changing world that sometimes is not changing rapidly enough.

Our graduates will recognize the contexts, complexities, and significance of Black Canadian Studies. Be empowered to create equitable and inclusive spaces.

Why Black Canadian Studies? Because change is powered by knowledge!

Black Canadian Studies

The Black Canadian Studies minor is dedicated to promoting the unique histories, experiences, communities, and politics of Black Canadians. Our students engage with Black political and labour initiatives, as well as Black creative expression in the arts through literature, music, and narratives in popular media. We explore contemporary and historical questions and examine how Black Canadians have worked to shape our society and contribute to our understanding of the world.


Students in the minor will complete courses in Black Canadian Studies, along with electives in Black Identities and Black Cultures. Black Identities includes courses in English, History, International Development, Psychology, and Sociology, while Black Cultures includes courses in English and Music, among others.The program culminates in a capstone experience centered around community engagement and learning.