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Designing Assessments: A Learner-Centered Approach

This session will explore the importance of using a learner-centred approach when designing assessments, as well as creative ways of expanding upon traditional assessment techniques that can be applied in different learning environments and class sizes.

Virtual Exchange at Guelph - Faculty Webinar

The webinar will cover considerations and best practices for virtual exchange, how U of G faculty can incorporate a virtual exchange component into a course, and the support CIP can provide. To register, please e-mail Allison Broadbent, Study Abroad Manager -, and you will be sent an invitation to join the webinar through Microsoft Teams.

Digital Assessments: Digital Storytelling

Join Brendan Stewart & Lindsey Robinson in a presentation focused around using Digital Storytelling through Digital Assessments.  

Digital Assessments: Podcasting

Join Joanne O’Meara & Lindsey Robinson in a presentation focused around using Podcasts in Digital Assessments.  

A Virtual Tour of Library Services

Join Heather Martin, Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy, Wayne Johnston & Emily Jones for a virtual tour of the Library Services at the University of Guelph 

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