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MA Thesis Oral Presentation, Amy Doyle - "“Building Men of Worth”: Gender, Propriety, and the Negotiation of Black Inclusion in O Clarim D’Alvorada (1924-1927)"

Founded in the city of São Paulo in 1924, O Clarim d’Alvorada, Brazil’s first independent black newspaper, became a vehicle of cultural inclusion for a class of middle-class black men excluded from social advancement on the basis of their skin colour. Between 1924 and 1927, O Clarim d’Alvorada writers appealed to constructions of gender, women’s writings, and symbols of Mãe Preta in an effort to foster the cultural inclusion of middle-class black men.

MA Thesis Oral Presentation,Grace Howard - "Courtesans in Colonial India: Representations of British Power through Understandings of Nautch-Girls, Devadasis, Tawa’ifs, and Sex-Work, c. 1750-1883"

British representations of courtesans, or nautch-girls, is an emerging area of study in relation to the impact of British imperialism on constructions of Indian womanhood. The nautch was a form of dance and entertainment, performed by courtesans, that originated in early Indian civilizations and was connected to various Hindu temples. Nautch performances and courtesans were a feature of early British experiences of India and, therefore, influenced British gendered representations of Indian women.

Podcasting In and Beyond the Classroom

In this talk/workshop, publishing scholar and podcaster Hannah McGregor (Publishing@SFU) will discuss how to incorporate podcasting into your courses, the value (and perils!) of involving students in public-facing scholarship, and other ways academics can embrace the potential of the podcast. Participants are encouraged to bring syllabi-in-process, assignment ideas, and podcast aspirations!

If... Brown Bag Lunch Series: Still Getting the Dirt on Feminism (A Compost Tour)

We had to postpone this event due to weather, but the change in date has meant that it now takes place during Global Soil Week! The inimatible Karen Houle asks participants to meet her at The Cannon in Branion Plaza for 12pm, for a compost-collecting parade through campus to the Organic Farm. From there, we'll tour the farm together, talk about compost, death, healthy earth practices as well as life, and growth, and we'll connect these things to our working senses of "feminism".

Michael Furac's MA thesis defence

Thesis Title: Cruelty and Callousness in Virtue Ethics: Why the                           Virtuous Agent Acts Well Towards Animals   ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND  

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