Pre-Confederation Canada (HIST*2100) | College of Arts

Pre-Confederation Canada (HIST*2100)

Code and section: HIST*2100*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: Alan Gordon


Course Synopsis:

This course covers selected events and issues in Canadian history from before 1500 to about 1867.  Students will have the opportunity to explore topics further on an individual, more detailed and creative basis in their research essays.  The course aims to expand students’ understanding of the social, economic, environmental, and political aspects of Pre-Confederation Canada’s development and its changing role within an international context.  This course is a core requirement of the History Major or Minor.  Please consult the undergraduate calendar, section X “Degree Programs” for full details.

Learning Outcomes:

In successfully completing this course …
1. You will be able to identify and explain key factors and forces that have shaped the development of society, culture, politics, economics, and international relations in what would become Canada.
2. You will develop skills in working with and interpreting primary source materials.
3. You will gain experience in explaining historiographical debates in the scholarly literature.
4. You will improve your oral communication skills, including active listening, through regular participation in seminar discussions.
5. You will assume professional responsibilities as budding historians by locating suitable primary source materials, books, and journal articles and ethically citing them in your work.
6. You will improve your written and analytical skills by writing an essay proposal, an essay, and a final exam.

Method of Evaluation and Weights:

20%:  Seminar Participation
10%:  Essay Proposal & Annotated Bibliography
35%:  Research Essay
35%:  Final Examination

Texts Required:

TBA.  There will be a general Canadian history text and a second book of readings for seminar discussions.

Please note: This is a preliminary website description only. The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description. The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.