Africa & The Slave Trades (HIST*4100) | College of Arts

Africa & The Slave Trades (HIST*4100)

Code and section: HIST*4100*01

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: Femi Kolapo


Course Synopsis:

This course will examine slavery and the different networks and operation of slave trading in Africa before the 19th century. We will explore the nature of the interaction among these slave trades (the Atlantic slave trade of the 15th to the 19th centuries inclusive) and with internal slavery, and the processes involved in the abolition of slavery and slave trade in the continent. What demographic, political, economic, social, and cultural impact slavery and the slave trades had on African states and societies will be the major topics that structure the course.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be capable of identifying and explaining the major topics and controversies that constitute the study of the history of slavery and the slave trades in Africa.
  2. Be able to discuss the  types and strengths and weaknesses of the source evidence for the study of slavery and the slave trades in Africa
  3. Be able to engage primary source evidence in historiographical analysis.
  4. Be able to organize scholarly evidence and present views effectively in formal and informal settings both orally as well as in writing.
  5. Develop higher order thinking, critical reading, and research writing skills

Method of Evaluation:

Seminar presentation    20%
Research essay         30%
Mid term test        20%
Final Exam         30%

Required Texts:


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