Workplace Learning (HIST*3480) | College of Arts

Workplace Learning (HIST*3480)

Code and section: HIST*3480*01

Term: Summer 2018

Instructor: Catharine Wilson


This is an independent study course based on either History related voluntary or paid workplace experience.  In general, projects for this course are designed so that students may combine scholarly research with applied, on-the-job experience.  It requires that they reflect upon their work experience and consider 1) what it has taught them about public history, 2) what they have learned about a particular historical topic and history as a discipline and 3) the relevance of their work experience to academic studies.

See the attached syllabus for complete details about this offering.

NOTE:  This course is not available for registration through WebAdvisor.  Students must obtain a Course Waiver form and instructor consent to register.