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Teaching Excellence

2020/21 Award Winners


Britta Badour Natalie Jachimowicz Anna Lee-Popham Gary Mok

Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching Excellence Award for MA

Creative Writing Team:
School of English and Theatre Studies

Britta Badour
Natalie Jachimowicz
Anna Lee-Popham
Gary Mok

The Committee offers its commendation to the team of graduate students who were teaching assistants for ENGL*2920 “Elements of Creative Writing.” Four graduate students supported the course in Fall 2020: Britta Badour, Anna Lee-Popham, and Gary Mok.

Creative writing courses often involve students presenting material that emerges from their own experience, necessitating a high level of trust, which can be difficult to create in an online environment. The four teaching assistants, with Elaine Chang who was the instructor of record, fostered trust that allowed students to understand that this course was a safe space to present their work. Each of the teaching assistants supported students individually, empowering them to do their best work.


Marie-Pier LeMay

Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching Excellence Award for PhD

Marie-Pier LeMay
Department of Philosophy

Central to teaching in all disciplines in the humanities is the work of providing students with an understanding of the vitality of these disciplines, particularly why they matter. They allow us to understand life as it is experienced. Marie-Pier Lemay has a remarkable gift for provoking her students, without judgement, to think about how they engage with the world. She asks them to consider concrete details of their lives: what are you wearing today? Who made your clothes? What is the impact of these fabrics on global warning? These are important questions that are often not contemplated.

Marie-Pier Lemay insists on intellectual rigor as she guides her students. She pushes them to take large, important questions from Philosophy and apply them to their immediate circumstances. In so doing, she offers students a wonderful opportunity to engage with philosophy and its intellectual heritage in ways that connect with the past to inform innovative thinking about the present.


Brandon Carroll

Sessional Teaching Excellence Award

Brandon Carroll
School of Languages and Literatures

Brandon Carroll excels as a teacher of French language and literature. He is equally adept at teaching small seminar-style courses and large lectures. He has a remarkable gift for being able to teach at a level appropriate and engaging to the students, including in an online environment.

Students commend Dr. Carroll for his commitment to them. He is exceedingly generous, supporting students not only by delivering material in class with clarity but also by being available outside class to respond to the queries of students. Students find it easy to engage with Brandon who creates an atmosphere that is both intellectually rigorous and, in the words of one student, “laid back.” As a result, Dr. Carroll’s classes have transformed students by offering them access to the language and culture of la Francophonie.


Jade Ferguson

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Jade Ferguson
School of English and Theatre Studies

The Selection Committee was impressed by your remarkable dedication to your students and how you support them to do their best work. Jade Ferguson fosters active learning that encourages students to be engaged citizens who apply their knowledge to the world beyond the classroom. This commitment is evident in Dr. Ferguson’s innovative offerings of experiential learning courses that have resulted in the work of students being disseminated widely, including on CBC. Students particularly appreciate the way you instill confidence in them, particularly racialized students whom you encourage to explore their heritage as a significant field of academic study.


2013        Jacqueline Murray        

2007        Dana Paramskas

1998        Gilbert Stelter

2020        Amanda Boetzkes            Excellence in Teaching

2019        Christina Smylitopolous            Excellence in Teaching

2017        Padraig O’Cleirigh            Excellence in Teaching

2016        Stefan Lindquist                Excellence in Teaching

2015        Karen Racine                Excellence in Teaching

2014        Margot Irvine                Excellence in Teaching

2013        Andrew Sherwood            Distinguished Professor

2012        Jay Lampert                Distinguished Professor

2011        Stephen Powell                Distinguished Professor

                    Jacqueline Murray            Special Merit Award

2010        John Russon                Distinguished Professor

                    Denise Mohan                Special Merit Award

2009        Andrew Bailey                Distinguished Professor

2007        Dawn Cornelio                Distinguished Professor

                    Linda Mahood                Special Merit Award

2006        Ruediger Mueller            Distinguished Professor

2004        Dorothy Odartey-Wellington        Distinguished Professor

                    Keith Cassidy                Excellence in Service to Faculty & Librarians

2003        Elizabeth Ewan                Distinguished Professor

2002        Ken Dorter                Distinguished Professor

2001        Peter Goddard                Distinguished Professor

2000        D. O’Quinn                Distinguished Professor

1999        David Murray                Distinguished Professor

                    Susan Brown                Special Merit Award

1998        Daniel Fischlin                Distinguished Professor

1997        Donna Pennee                Distinguished Professor

                    Margaret Priest                Special Merit Award

1996        Alan Firewood                Distinguished Professor

                    Dana Paramskas            Special Merit Award

1995        Kenneth Graham            Distinguished Professor

1994        Catherine Wilson            Distinguished Professor

1993        Gilbert Stelter                Distinguished Professor

1992        Diana Brydon                Distinguished Professor

                    Helier J. Robinson            Special Merit Award

1990        Renate Benson                Distinguished Professor

1989        Victor Matthews            College Awards

                    François Pare                College Awards


2020        Jade Ferguson                SETS

2019        Jennifer Schacker            SETS

2016        Jade Ferguson                SETS

2015        Christina Smylitopolous            SOFAM

2014        Kevin James

                    Sally Hickson

2013        Margot Irvine

                    Norman Smith

2012        Howard Spring

2011        Andrew Sherwood

2010        Sandra Parmegiani

2009        Ellen Waterman

2008        Karen Houle

2007        Linda Mahood

2006        Dawn Cornelio

2005        William Cormack

2004        Ruediger Mueller

2003        Dorothy Odartey-Wellington

2002        Peter Goddard

                    Elizabeth Ewan

2020        Marie Piere-LeMay (PhD)        SETS

                    Britta Badour (MA)            SETS

                    Anna Lee-Popham (MA)            SETS

                    Gary Mok (MA)                Philosophy

2019        Lisa Baer                History

2016        Nick Bridges                History

                    Katrina Gale                History

2015        Sarah Shropshire            History

2014        Mark Sholdice

2013        Jodey Nurse

2012        Casey Ford (PhD)

                    Macarena Suazo Flores (MA)        

2011        Mark Kaethler

2009        Michal Arciszewski

2007        Christopher Tiessen

2006        Kris Gies

2004        Heather Davidson

                    Brodie Richards

2002        Scott Moir

                    Robert Falconer

2020        Brandon Carroll                SOLAL

2019        Sierra Dye                History

2017        Casey Ford                Philosophy

2016        Alessia Ursella                SETS

2015        Becky Beausaert            History

2014        Ian Mosby

2013        Chris Ironside

2012        Christine Ekholst

                    Andre Speltz

2010        Andrea Sanders

2009        Lee L’Clerc

2007        Jennifer MacDonald

2006        Jesse Stewart

2002        Denise Mohan

                    Chris DiCario

2016        Padraig O’Cleirigh            SOLAL

2013        Dr. Andrew Bretz            English and Theatre Studies

2011        Ruediger Mueller            SOLAL

2006        Kim Renders                 Theatre

2004        Dr. Elaine Chang            English

1994        Susan Mulley                History

1992        Dr. H.J. Robinson            Philosophy

                    E. Legakis                Philosophy

2014        Jacqueline Murray            History

2004        Dana Paramskas             French Studies

1987        Constance Rooke            English (U. Victoria)

2016        Chérine Stevula                Latin American & Caribbean Studies

1998        Daniel Fischlin                Literatures & Performance Studies in English

1996        Margaret Priest                Fine Art

                    Donna Palamateer Pennee        English

1995        Alan Filewood                Drama

1994        Nancy Bailey                English/Office of First Year Students

1976        J.M. Bell                Languages    

1975        Alan Wilshire                Languages

1973        Dana Paramskas            Languages

2021        John Walsh                UofG President’s Award – Languages & Literatures

2013        Jacqueline Murray            History