Teaching Talk #5: Assessments, Student Collaboration, and Integrity | College of Arts

Teaching Talk #5: Assessments, Student Collaboration, and Integrity

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This winter's shift to an alternative delivery method created tensions between maintaining academic integrity and recognizing equity and mental health challenges. In this talk, we focus on a Math project delivered to 600 CEPS second year students and an Engineering exam delivered to 250 Engineering first year students. Both instructors chose to re-design their assessments to focus on integrity rather than on enabling the easy prosecution of rule-breakers.The Math project acted as a replacement for weekly, in-lab coding assignments; instead, students formed groups to research numerical methods that were new to them and wrote a short report. The Engineering exam shifted from an invigilated, individual assessment with no aids, to a non-invigilated, open-book, collaborative exam; this shift necessitated an associated re-think of the exam questions themselves and of methods to encourage inclusive, small group collaboration while discouraging widespread answer-sharing. In this talk, we share some of our experiences, reflections, and feedback regarding these assessment redesigns.