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Christian Giroux - School of Fine Arts and Music

Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2014

Feature Researcher - Christian Giroux - Better Planet Project Video

The Digital Haptic Lab, a CFI-funded joint project between the School of Fine Art and Music and the School of Engineering, is a unique initiative allowing researchers to realize public projects that have very real effects on communities. Working in the wide realm of public sculpture is exciting and frightening because it affords a chance to assert aesthetic desires into a public discourse that can have a real impact on people's daily lives. These works will be assessed for years to come by communities that can't be fully anticipated which makes public art the most potentially rewarding, while being fraught with the greatest risk.1970s and 1980s ran the world's most heavily policed performance sports program.While football was not a big part of East Germany's Olympic success story, for some players and fans it became a means of challenging, however indirectly, communist rule.