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Matthew Hayday - The Department of History

Posted on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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"French on a box of Corn Flakes!  Quelle horreur!"


Bilingualism provokes vigorous debate in Canada.  Advocates tout its contributions to national unity and its benefits for career advancement. Critics see it as a waste of money in an English-dominated world or part of a French conspiracy to take over the country.  Matthew Hayday's research examines the history of bilingualism in Canada: its promotion by government agencies, civil society groups and keen individuals; its reception in English-speaking Canada; and its impact on Canadian identity, public policy and politics since the 1960s. Hayday's sources include bilingualism games produced by the Commissioner of Official Languages, French immersion advocacy materials from Canadian Parents for French, and anti-French books such as Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow: Trudeau's Master Plan and How it Can be Stopped.

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