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Guelph’s Inaugural Music Preview Day

Posted on Friday, February 16th, 2024

Written by Owen Burns

Music Preview Day photo
Excuse Me band producer Aleks Liskauskas showing prospective students the technical aspects of music production.

Last Sunday, the College of Arts at the University of Guelph hosted its inaugural Music Preview Day at the Arts Research Centre (ARC). It was an exciting event that provided applicants to the College’s Music program with a glimpse into the wide range of unique learning opportunities the program offers.

The event included an array of special guests, including :

· Dr. Kimberly Francis, director of Interdisciplinary Programs and professor, Music

· Mary Meads, U of G Music Alumnus, certified music therapist, and registered psychotherapist

· Marion Samuel-Stevens, vocal instructor and soprano soloist

· Aleks Liskauskas, Excuse Me band, producer

· Paige Rutledge, U of G Music Alumnus and country singer

· Alyssa Boyle, current Music student, Voice

· Aiden Davies, current Music student, Electric Bass

· Emmitt Leacock, current Music student, Drums

· Rachel Ruston, Manager, Academic Programs and Recruitment Dean's Office, College of Arts

The event kicked off with an enlightening session led by esteemed College of Arts faculty members which provided insight into the professional Music industry. College of Arts Dean Samantha Brennan made introductory remarks which were followed by a lecture by Francis on what it truly means to succeed beyond university.

As the day progressed, guests enjoyed a tour of the ARC which recently underwent a $25 million renovation. Davies and Leacock shared their experiences, providing guests with a first-hand look at the dynamic life of a U of G Music student.

Guests at the event also had the opportunity to participate in the following interactive sessions run by College of Arts faculty, staff, and students:

· Musical Theatre: Throughout this session, Samuel-Stevens and guests explored the multi-faceted world of musical storytelling.

· Recording and Engineering: Aleks Liskauskas led a session that explored the technical aspects of music production.

· Intro to Music Therapy/Music and Health: Meads shared insights into the healing power of music.

· Jazz Jam: Guests immersed themselves in the art of musical improvisation in this session led by Aiden Davies and Emmitt Leacock.

· Parent Information Session: Francis and Ruston shared insights with parents of Music program applicants on supporting their children in the U of G Music Program.

The event also included a complimentary lunch in the ARC, which created an excellent opportunity for attendees to mingle with College of Arts faculty, Alumni, and current students. Guests forged meaningful connections through engaging conversations about their experiences with music and future aspirations.

The day concluded on a high note with a musical showcase that began with a performance by Rutledge, singing her hit single “Drinking Alone”. Students and guests were then invited to share their musical talents in a relaxed and supportive open mic session. There was an unmistakable atmosphere of comraderie as the music, creativity, vibrant community embodied by the U of G Music program were highlighted.

The College extends a warm thanks to everyone who attended the Music Preview Day. The enthusiasm and curiosity guests brought to the event was palpable and the College looks forward to potential future collaborations and contributions with and from the attendees.

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