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History: Invitation to History: First Year Course Topics are Here!

Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

HIST*1050 Invitation to History is a new, mandatory course for all first year History majors and minors. 

Invitation to History introduces students to the basics of the historian’s craft including interpreting primary sources, locating and critically analyzing secondary sources and writing for History. It will provide you with the tools you need for success in your History major, minor or area of concentration. Choose any one of the following four classes. 

Fall 2016 - Hist*1050*01  Licit and Illicit Drugs   (instructor: Dr. Catherine Carstairs)
This course will examine the history of the use of licit and illicit drugs across the world, and examine why some have been forbidden and others permitted. 

Fall 2016 - Hist*1050*02  Polar Encounters   (instructor: Dr. Alan Gordon)
This course will trace the history of northern American exploration, including the mysteries of the disappearance of the Franklin and Hudson expeditions, as well as encounters among various peoples in the North and between people and the environment.

Winter 2017 - Hist*1050*03  Crime and Culture   (instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Ewan)
This course will study criminal acts such as homicide, witchcraft, theft and slander and how they were defined and prosecuted in past centuries, and the class will employ historical court records to recover the experiences of people in the past.

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