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History: Scottish Studies Roundtable - March 2

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Our next Scottish Studies Roundtable Series is on March 2 from 4-5:30pm in MCKN 132. Ryan Burns of Northwestern University, will give a presentation titled "Cromwell, Lord Protector of Catholics? Strange Bedfellows in Cromwellian Scotland." This presentation "will explain why Scottish Catholics welcomed Cromwell, a man whose massacres in Ireland were well known, and a man who saw Catholicism as a “false, abominable and Antichristian doctrine” full of “useless orders and traditions”. It is part of a larger project on anti-popery and religious toleration’s failure to rise in early modern Scotland."

Ryan Burns is a PhD candidate at Northwestern University, specializing in British and European history. His work explores the ways in which early modern societies coped with religious diversity, and the reasons why toleration or secularism emerged in some regions while sectarian animosities persisted in others. Ryan holds a BA in History and Political Science from Kenyon College and an MPhil in early modern history from the University of Cambridge.

As always, light refreshments will be provided. Email scottish@uoguelph.ca for more details. The event is open to the public.