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SSHRC Insight Grants -- 2 funding streams available

Posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2017

SSHRC has diversified its Insight Grant program and now offers Stream A and Stream B. Very exciting! 
This change is meant to address a perceived bias encouraging larger and longer grants and to address a perception that there are currently no options for established scholars seeking smaller grants to support ongoing research.
Stream A (duration 2-5 years) $7K -- 100K
Stream B (also 2-5 years) $100K -- $400K (max $100K/yr)
Both streams are adjudicated by the same committees and will receive the same review (including external assessments).
Committees will receive SEPARATE budget envelopes dedicated to each stream. Stream A would have a target success rate higher  than Stream B.
**Unsuccessful IDG 2017 applicants many now apply for an IG in 2017 -- This year only!
SSHRC expects its IG portal to open on July 19th. You will be able to create a login, the IG and CV forms, and begin populating them.
Upcoming deadlines:
August 31 -- Internal Peer Review (by Research Advisory Council) 
  • submit completed application form including attachments and sshrc  CV  
September 28 -- Dean's office review (ADR/RM)
  • submit completed application form including attachments and sshrc cv  (by email to -- or in person to MacKinnon 0010)
  • submit OR-5 signed by researcher/chair
October 6 -- Office of Research hard deadline
  • submit electronically full application in PDF plus OR-5 to
  • click "submit" on the sshrc portal (*note, not a final submission -- only the research office can do that)
  • research office reviews the grant and either returns to applicant for revision or submits to Ottawa by October 16