We are Hiring! Student Staff Roles 2024-2025 | College of Arts

We are Hiring! Student Staff Roles 2024-2025

Posted on Friday, March 15th, 2024

For the upcoming academic year, 12 student ambassadors will be hired to support the Marketing, Communications, and Student Recruitment team within the College of Arts

Interviews will be between April 8-12th

COA Student Ambassadors - 12 positions

The College of Arts (COA) Student Ambassadors will support the student recruitment and marketing strategy of the College of Arts to prospective students undergraduate and graduate students. The goal for the upcoming semester is to organize and coordinate the strategy for 2024-2025 recruitment cycle, including:

  • All on-campus recruitment events

  • New academic outreach programming

  • Answering prospective student inquiries

  • Delivering facility tours

  • Assisting with marketing campaigns

We would like to have representation from each undergraduate program within the College of Arts.

Must participate in recruitment training related to delivering tours, undergraduate and graduate programs, clubs and associations, experiential learning, etc. in the College of Arts.

Event Implementation
Support with pre-event/post-event logistics and day-of requirements including wayfinding, signage, tours, and stakeholder management.
Speak to prospective students and their families regarding programs and student experience at U of G.

Must be available for the following events:

October 5 & 6th - Ontario Universities' Fair (All Programs)

November 3 - Fall Open House (All Programs)

November 10 - STEM Open House (BAS Only)

January 18th/January 25th, 2025 - International Virtual Open House (All Programs)

Feb 8th - Music Preview Day (All Programs)

March 23rd - March Open House (All Programs)

Deliver campus and facility tours for prospective students, alumni, donors, and other guests of the COA.

Academic Outreach
Act as a liaison with secondary school classrooms when they arrive on-campus by leading campus and facility tours, bringing student groups to pre-planned campus programming, and engaging with educators/teachers to create a positive impression.

Prospective Student Inquiries
Answer incoming student emails about programs and student life at U of G

Team Meetings
Participate in weekly or bi-weekly ambassador team meetings where there will be recruitment training and teambuilding requirements.

Other responsibilities may include:
Participating in marketing and recruitment projects that will be used to elevate the COA on the web and socials, such as photoshoots, video testimonials, social media takeovers, etc.
Supporting first-year student transition events
Supporting other COA Dean's Office events, including but not limited to COA Awards, Convocation, Alumni Events, etc.

  • MUST be in one of the following College of Arts programs in 2nd year or above:
    • Classical Studies; 
    • Creative Writing; 
    • Culture and Technology Studies;
    • English;
    • French Studies;
    • History;
    • Music;
    • Philosophy;
    • Sexualities, Genders & Social Change,
    • Studio Art;
    • Theatre Studies;
    • Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Stakeholder communication experience - i.e. campus partners, faculty, staff and students.
  • Event planning and logistics experience with strengths in adaptability
  • Strong time management to balance school and work responsibilities
  • Enthusiastic, creative, and organized planner who is self-driven and takes initiative.
  • Positive team player who looks to support peers toward success.
  • Experience with Outlook, Canva, Microsoft Word, teams, and various social media platforms.

Note: This is a 1-year position from May 2024 - April 2025. All applications must include a cover letter, resume and class schedule

To apply, please submit a copy of your exam schedule, resume and cover letter on the application form.

You can address your application to Rachel Ruston, Manager, Academic Programs and Recruitment, Dean's Office, College of Arts.

Students will receive an honorarium of up to $700/semester (based on participation)