Philosophy BA | College of Arts

Philosophy BA

Pursue questions that have stimulated thinkers in different eras and cultures.

How should we live? What is it to be a person? Explore these and other questions through modern issues in artificial intelligence, politics, sexuality, and the environment in small seminars and field courses. Philosophy is recognized for developing essential skills for any pathway after graduating including skills in reasoning and communication, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and the ability to understand others’ viewpoints and assumptions.


  • Prepare for the riguour of graduate studies by completing fourth-year seminars with graduate students.
  • Present your own research papers at our annual philosophy conference.
  • Participate in a field courses – previously students travelled to Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve on Vancouver Island to analyze sustainability and ecological issues with environmentalists, indigenous groups and industry members.
  • Embrace our expertise in the philosophy of feminism, ethics, social and political philosophy, and science (artificial intelligence).


  • Sex, Love, and Friendship
  • Ethics, Knowledge, and Reality
  • Critical Thinking
  • Kant and His Legacy
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Philosophy of Medicine

Careers and Pathways

  • Lawyer
  • Business manager
  • Various public service roles
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Immigration/intelligence officer
  • Various graduate programs in philosophy, law, human resources, communications and business.


Mobilize your knowledge. Students take on active projects such as writing for the Ontarion, the University news source on the ethics of autonomous vehicles.