Departmental service assignments 2013-14 | College of Arts

Departmental service assignments 2013-14

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Current service assignments

Department chair
Mark McCullagh

Philosophy Department Council
All regular faculty
Graduate Students Rep (1 TBA)
Undergraduate Students Rep (1 TBA)

Tenure and Promotion committee
Chair:  Mark McCullagh
Monique Deveaux (1/2)
Patricia Sheridan (1/2)
John Hacker-Wright (2/2)
Omid Payrow Shabani (2/2)
Peter Eardley, College Rep (2/2)

Department representative on College Tenure and Promotion committee
John Russon (1/2)

Speaker series
Karen Houle

Guelph Lecture in Philosophy
Omid Payrow Shabani

External relations
Andrew Wayne

Library liaison
Brian Wetstein

Graduate Coordinator
Peter Eardley

Graduate Studies Committee
Chair:  Peter Eardley
Patricia Sheridan
John Russon
Stefan Linquist
Janet Thackray
Casey Ford, Graduate Students Rep

Graduate student awards
Don Dedrick (fall); Andrew Wayne (winter)

PhD graduate placement
John Russon

Undergraduate Coordinator
Karyn Freedman

Curriculum committee
Chair: Karyn Freedman
Mark McCullagh
Andrew Bailey
Jay Lampert
Magdalena Ivasecko and Nick Dell, Undergraduate Students Reps

Faculty Advisor
Omid Payrow Shabani

Undergraduate student awards
Karen Wendling