Departmental service assignments 2014-15 | College of Arts

Departmental service assignments 2014-15

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Current service assignments

Department chair
Mark McCullagh

Philosophy Department Council
All regular faculty
Graduate Students Rep (1 TBA)
Undergraduate Students Rep (1 TBA)

Tenure and Promotion committee
Chair:  Mark McCullagh
Monique Deveaux (2/2)
John Hacker-Wright (1/2)
Omid Payrow Shabani (1/2)
Patricia Sheridan (2/2)
TBA, College Rep (1/2)

Department representative on College Tenure and Promotion committee
John Russon (2/2)

Speaker series
Patricia Sheridan

Guelph Lecture in Philosophy
Don Dedrick

External relations
Andrew Wayne

Graduate Coordinator
Peter Eardley

Graduate Studies Committee
Chair:  Peter Eardley
Patricia Sheridan
John Russon
Karen Houle
Janet Thackray
Casey Ford, Graduate Students Rep

Graduate student awards
Andrew Wayne

PhD graduate placement
John Russon

Undergraduate Coordinator
Karyn Freedman

Curriculum committee
Chair: Karyn Freedman
Mark McCullagh
Andrew Bailey
John Hacker-Wright
Mercedes Pisano and Noah McPherson, Undergraduate Students Reps

Faculty Advisor
Omid Payrow Shabani

Undergraduate student awards
Karen Wendling