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Dr. John Hacker-Wright, Philosophy

John Hacker-Wright, Ph.D.

Department of Philosophy
PHIL*1030 Introduction to Philosophy: Sex, Love, and Friendship

Experiential Learning Project Description: Students write an opinion piece for possible publication in The Ontarion. The opinion piece is based on readings done on ethical issues surrounding the use of sex robots. Students learn about writing on philosophical issues for a broad, public audience and how to present a concise and punchy argument that can draw attention to important issues.

"Experiential learning helps students see that the issues we are addressing in the classroom connect with the world outside. Writing for the public is an excellent way to show how philosophy matters: it has the potential to enrich our public discourse on topics of pressing importance. Even after one semester of philosophy, students have developed knowledge and skills that can make an impact. I like to draw on topics that are just beginning to be discussed by philosophers, especially new technologies that are going to change the shape of our social lives, and then ask: are these changes good? Can we approach these technologies more thoughtfully? I have seen that in writing for to be read by the public, many students can find their voice, and it is a transformative experience for them." - John Hacker-Wright