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Student | FAQs

Who qualifies for this program?

Graduating Students from one of the following two streams:

College of Arts, honours or general program, majoring in:

  • Art History, Classical Studies, English, European Studies, French Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Studio Art, or Theater Studies.

Bachelor of Arts and Science student with a College of Arts minor, defined as:

  • Art History, Classical Studies, English, European Culture and Civilization, French Studies, German, History, Italian, Museum Studies, Music, Philosophy, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, or Theater Studies.

Programs not eligible: 

  • College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Majors:
    • Anthropology, Applied Human Nutrition, Child Studies, Criminal Justice and Public Policy, Environmental & Resource Management, Environmental Geomatics, Environmental Governance, Family Studies and Human Development, Geography, International Development Studies, Neuroscience, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Is there a program fee?

  • No, there are no fees to be part of this program

Will this appear on my transcript?

  • No, this will not appear on your transcript.

How and where do I apply to the postings?

  • Students who register and complete the employment readiness workshops will be granted access to employer job postings to make applications.

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See Important Dates and Program Timelines for more information.


Employer | FAQs

Can I submit job postings after the deadline?

  • Yes. The first round of job postings will be made available to students starting on the posting deadline, however, we encourage employers to continue to submit job postings as students will continue to check for new opportunities to apply for until all of the funded positions have been filled.

I have a candidate I would like to hire. How do I secure the funding grant for the position?

  • Funded positions will be financed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to make an offer, please confirm and secure a funded position through Alexis De Leon, Associate Director, Finance and Operations at the College of Arts, the University of Guelph, at adeleon@uoguelph.ca (see step 4). Alexis will require the projected total salary for the employee, broken down by each of the four months. He will ask you to email the invoice to him on a monthly basis for the first four months.

How will we know if all ten funded positions have been filled?

  • Should program funding reach its maximum, the University of Guelph will notify all program participants via email. 

How often do I invoice the University?

  • Once an employer contract is signed with the University of Guelph, the employer will provide monthly invoices for the first four months of the one-year work term.

Do we need to have a formalized mentorship program established?

  • No, a formalized mentorship program is not required. We do ask that the employee have a point of contact within the organization that can provide career guidance, mentoring and access to networking opportunities.

Can two companies split a student position?

  • No, the program will not fund a role that would be shared with another employer.

Does the funding cover any other expenses related to bringing on a new employee (e.g. equipment, training, office supplies, benefits, etc.)?

  • No. The funding is for wage subsidy only.

Can I submit more than one job posting?

  • Yes. We welcome as many opportunities as possible. 

What if the student does not accept my job offer and I have secured a position?

  • Please contact Alexis De Leon, Associate Director, Finance and Operations at the College of Arts, the University of Guelph at adeleon@uoguelph.ca as soon as you no longer require the funded position.



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