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Philosophy Featured Researcher News

Guelph Lecture in Philosophy by Professor Christine Korsgaard

Photo of Professor Christine KorsgaardOn March 13, 2014 Professor Christine Korsgaard, one of today's leading moral philo­sophers, will give the Guelph Lecture in Philosophy in McLaughlin Library (common area on the main floor).  The talk is free, open to the public and begins at 5:30 pm.

Philopolis Guelph (October 5)

Philopolis Guelph 2103 logoPhilopolis, the only festival of public philosophy, takes place downtown on October 5th from 10:00–4:00, and includes a free lunch for all who attend. Admission is free and requires no registration. Be sure to join us for our social warmup on October 4th, 8:00 PM at OX café!

Conference: Politics at the Limits of Civil Society (September 20-22)

The Philosophy Graduate Students Association is organizing an international political philosophy conference at the University of Guelph from September 20–22, 2013 titled Politics at the Limits of Civil Society. Keynote addresses will be given by Dr. Max Pensky (Binghamton University) and Dr.

Tim Scanlon lecturing at University of Guelph

Tim Scanlon: "What is Morality?"

The 2013 Guelph Lecture in Philosophy was given by Dr. Thomas (Tim) Scanlon of Harvard University on March 21. His talk, "What is Morality?" was free and open to the public and drew a large audience.

Information on the Guelph Lecture in Philosophy.

SSHRC Awards to Philosophy Faculty and Grad Students

The following faculty have received 2012 SSHRC grants:
Karen Houle, John Russon and Andrew Wayne.
In addition to the faculty listed, we are pleased to announce that four Department of Philosophy Graduate students have won recent SSHRC awards. 

John Russon

My SSHRC project, "The Origins of Value," will root issues of economics in the existential conditions that make possible such a thing as “value” in the first place, interpret core principles of economic theory in light of this, and develop the implications of this for the interpretation of the political implications of contemporary global capitalism.  website

Karen Houle

2012-2015 SSHRC Insight grant This interdisciplinary research project intends to systematically challenge the normative and conceptual adequacy of ‘The Gift’ discourse as it is widely deployed, formally and informally, in scientific research and medical training involving human cadavers in Canadian biomedical institutions, and in the wider cultural milieu which supports these activities.


  • Guelph Lecture in Philosophy by Dr Paul Franks, "German idealism, Anti-semitisim, and the significance of Jewish philosophy in multicultural modernity." 
  • Guelph Lecture in Philosophy by Dr Peter Singer, "Ethics and Animals." 
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