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College of Arts 2024 Convocation Awards Ceremony: A Standout Celebration

Posted on Friday, June 28th, 2024

University of Guelph community members walking on campus near Johnston Hall

Earlier this month, the College of Arts at the University of Guelph hosted the annual Convocation Awards Ceremony in the Arts Research Centre, where the remarkable accomplishments of 28 students were recognized. It was a joyful atmosphere as student award recipients and their families and friends, along with College of Arts faculty and staff and award donors, gathered for the occasion. 

A Memorable Afternoon 

The ceremony began with Opening Remarks and the distribution of College of Arts Awards by College of Arts Dean Dr. Samantha Brennan. As the event progressed, awardees from the Department of History, the Department of Philosophy, the School of English and Theatre Studies, the School of Fine Art and Music, and the School of Languages and Literatures were recognized. Kelly Hughes, College of Arts graduate (History and Culture and Technology Studies) and this year’s recipient of the esteemed University of Guelph W.C. Winegard Medal, shone at the ceremony, receiving the College of Arts Medal, the David Murray Medal in Arts, and the Crowley/Jackman Gold Prize in History.

Kelly Hughes at the Award Convocation, holding her awards and medals

A Historical Moment   

The final awards distributed were the Serving Scholar Prizes, recognizing outstanding students currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) including the CAF Reserves. Awardees were presented with cast bronze medallions, designed by Sergeant Darren Sargent and College of Arts Masters of European Studies Candidate Callie Gibson. The medallion design was inspired by the memorial plaques presented to families of fallen British soldiers in the First World War. 

The medallion features a gryphon, symbolizing vigilance and strength, and the University personified as Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, holding a maple leaf. Inscribed are the Latin words of 2nd century Before Common Era (BCE) poet Horace which translate to, “I have built a monument more enduring than bronze” and a declaration in Greek by 5th century BCE politician and war general Pericles which translates to, “For the love of honour alone is ever young.” These inscriptions reflect the University’s institutional commitment to knowledge in the service of building a better world and embody the enduring principles that Serving Scholars strive to uphold. This marked the first time in College of Arts history that these prizes, generously funded by donors Mary Walsh and Jane Hawkes, were distributed.  

The front of the Serving Scholar Medallion with a red cloth background

The College extends sincere congratulations to the award winners along with heartfelt thanks to the donors supporting the awards who believe teaching and mentoring young adults is important work. The College is grateful to these donors for their continued support of its students and for making financial support and recognition of top students possible. 

View the full ceremony programme on the College of Arts website.