Office of the Dean

don bruceTo students who are returning for another year to the College of Arts, and to students who are arriving here for the first time, welcome to you all! We look forward to working with you during the year ahead and sharing with you the excitement of reaching the goals that you have set for yourselves.

A third of all undergraduate students enrolled in the University of Guelph are in the BA program. In Arts we work to ensure that our students receive the best quality education possible. The range of disciplines taught in the College of Arts includes the Performing and Fine Arts, Modern Languages, English, History, European Studies, Philosophy, and the Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) Program, along with many combinations of these disciplines. From the first year BA to PhD level, the College of Arts offers a wide range of opportunities for learning, growth, and personal development, as well as a solid training in the fundamental knowledge skills needed for the modern world.

The Liberal Arts have always been and remain to this day part of the very bedrock of all education: the skills, knowledge, and experience gained through the Humanities and Fine and Performing Arts remain as fundamental to individuals today in the 21st century as they have in the past. Analytical thinking, historical and conceptual contextualization, communication,  creativity, and imagination are all at the heart of a liberal arts education. These are amongst the key components needed to function effectively in the world, and to become true citizens of our local and global communities. The College offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, personal growth, the attainment of career goals, as well a chance to build lifelong friendships. I hope that you will take every opportunity to benefit from the experiences and opportunities that the University of Guelph and the College of Arts can offer you. Ultimately, your studies benefit not only you, but the community around you.

Faculty members, sessional instructors, and staff in the College focus on supporting the three missions of teaching, research and service to the community. Through interdisciplinary, inter-college, and international links they work to enhance the excitement of learning that lies at the centre of what we do. Curiosity driven learning, knowledge applied to practical  problems, knowledge transfer, the use of the new digital tools--these are all part of our shared experience in the College of Arts as we move into the 21st century. Very many of our scholars, researchers, and artists have been recognized by honours and awards for the quality of their teaching and research: external funding for research projects with the College is at an all time high, with students and instructors sharing in the excitement that accompanies learning 'on the leading edge'. The effect of all this is cumulative: it creates a community where learning is prized, high achievement is encouraged, and personal initiative rewarded.

We are here to help and guide you towards your future: in the end though, the success will be yours. You will take ownership of it and be proud of your years at the University of Guelph.

Go for it and actively build your future!

Donald Bruce
Dean, College of Arts