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Dalitso Ruwe


Dr. Dalitso Ruwe is currently a Post-Doc fellow under the Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosoph. He graduated with his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 2019 under the supervision of Dr. Tommy Curry. His post-doc research will focus on the Black Abolitionists debates on American slavery that emerged from the National Negro Conventions of 1830-1864 and the role the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 and migration to Canada afforded Black thinkers like Mary Ann Shadd to develop socio-political and legal critiques of American Slavery. This research is central to the manuscript Dr. Ruwe is currently working on tentatively titled Ontological Sovereignty: The Quest of Black Freedom in the Age of Slavery. Previously, Dr. Ruwe was a Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Wittenberg University. His research focuses on Africana Political Philosophy with an emphasis on the Intellectual History of Black Racial Sciences, Intellectual History of Black Radical Tradition, Anti-Colonial Theory, and Africana Legal History. Alongside Dr. Andrew Soto and Dr. Adebayo Oluwayomi, Dr. Ruwe is a foundering member of The Association for the Study of Anti-Colonialism in Philosophy. In his downtime, Dr. Ruwe enjoys watching anime, watching plays, playing pool and basketball, and watching movies full of dark humor.

Area of Research

Africa - HIST