Academic Units | College of Arts

Academic Units

Within the College of Arts, our academic units are located in the following Departments and Schools.

School of English and Theatre Studies (SETS)

Creative Writing, BA, MFA
English, BA, MA
Theatre Studies, BA, MA, PhD

School of Fine Art and Music (SOFAM)

Art History, BA
Music, BA
Studio Art, BA, MFA
Art History and Visual Culture, MA

School of Languages and Literatures (SOLAL)

Classical Studies, BA
European Studies, BA, MA
French Studies, BA, MA
Latin American and Caribbean, MA
Italian, Minor
German, Minor
Spanish, Minor

Department of History

History, BA, MA, PhD

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy, BA
Philosophy, MA, PhD
Specialization: Philosophy of Data Science, MA

Interdisciplinary Programs

Bachelor of Arts, BA:
  • Culture and Technology Studies, BA
  • Sexualities, Genders and Social Change, BA
  • Sexualities, Genders and Bodies, MA
  • Black Canadian Studies, Minor
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, BAS
Bachelor of Creative Arts, Health & Wellness, BCAHW:
  • Music, BCAHW
  • Theatre Studies, BCAHW
  • Studio Art, BCAHW
Critical Studies in Improvisation, PhD