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Canadian Papers in Rural History

Volume V (1986)

The Malin Thesis of Grassland Acculturation and the New Rural History
by Robert P. Sweirenga, pp. 11-22.
This article, by one of the leading American proponents of the 'new rural history', assays the work of James C. Malin whose relationship to modern rural studies is analogous to that of E.P. Thompson in urban studies.

Class Interests in the Emergence of Fruit-Growing Cooperation in Lincoln County, Ontario, 1880-1914
by Daryll Crewson and Ralph Matthews, pp. 23-49.
Only very rarely is social class analysis employed by rural historians, but here Professor Ralph Matthews and Dr. Daryll Crewson provide such an analysis concerning a major fruit-growing district in central Canada.

Contrasting land Development Rates in Southern Ontario to 1891
by H.W. Taylor, J. Clarke and W.R. Wrightman, pp. 50-72.

Boosterism and the Settlement Process in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, 1890-1914
by Paul M. Koroscil, pp. 73-103.

Agricultural Colonization in Ontario and Quebec: Some Evidence from the Great Clay Belt, 1900-1945
by Peter W. Sinclair, pp. 104-120.

Villages and Agriculture in the Seigneuries of Lower Canada: Conditions of a Comprehensive Study of Rural Quebec in the First half of the Nineteenth Century
by Serge Courville, pp. 121-149.

Seigneurial Survey and Land Granting Policies
by Francoise Noel, pp. 150-180.
Dr. Francoise Noel provides a useful counterpoint to Courville's article in her discussion of seigneurial survey and land granting policies.

Achd an Rhigh: A Highland Response to the Assisted Emigration of 1815
by Marianne McLean, pp. 181-197.

British Travelers in Early Upper Canada: A Content Analysis of Itineraries and Images
by Robert S. Dilley, pp. 198-223.
The image that travelers to Canada promulgated in the old country greatly influenced migration patterns.

A Bid for Rural Ascendancy: The Upper Canadian Orangemen, 1836-1840
by Hereward Senior, pp. 224-234.

Demographic and Attitudinal Trends on the Irish Islands, 1891-1946
by Catharine Anne Wilson, pp. 235-261.

Herring Fishing by Small Boat off Islandmagee, County Antrim
by John Henshaw, pp. 262-268.

Farming in Manitoba: A Reminiscence
by Egbert W.A. Jenkinson, pp. 269-289.
There are two first-person narratives of rural life. They serve to remind historians of an important truth: no matter how sophisticated and abstract one's techniques of analysis become, rural history at its heart is about the life of individual people who are working out their own relationship to complex social and physical environment.

Ontario Agriculture, 1851-1901: A Cartographic Overview
by Marvin McInnis, pp. 290-302.

A Statutory Chronology of Central Ontario, 1792-1984
by Thomas A. Hillman, pp. 303-375.
Thomas Hillman provides the second part of his three-part codification of all the municipal boundary changes in Ontario, from earliest times to present.