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Canadian Papers in Rural History

Volume VI (1988)


Feudal Society and Colonization: A Critique and Reinterpretation of the Historiography of New France
by Roberta Hamilton, pp. 17-136.

"Do You want Your Daughter to Marry a Farmer?": Women's Work on the Farm, 1922
by Mary Kinnear, pp. 137-153.

Corporate Structures and Local Economies: The Case of the Williams lake District Lumber Industry
by Mary McRoberts, pp. 154-171.

The North American Wheat Futures Market During World War I
by Robert E. Ankli, pp. 172-191.

"A Little Province Like This": The Economy of Nova Scotia Under Stress, 1812-1853
by Julian Gwyn, pp. 192-225.

Moving Goods and People in Mid-Nineteenth Century New Brunswick
by Graeme Wynn, pp. 226-239.

What Ontario Wants, Canada Gets: The 1886 Margarine Debate
by Welf H. Heick, pp. 240-265.

"The Site of Paradise": A Settler's Guide to Becoming a Farmer in Early Upper Canada
by Terrance A. Crowley, 266-278.

Did Farm Size Matter? an 1871 Case Study
by William L. Marr, pp. 279-300.

A Statutory Chronology of Southwestern Ontario, 1792-1981
by Thomas A. Hillman, pp. 301-353.