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Canadian Papers in Rural History

Volume VIII (1992)


Perspectives on Ontario Agriculture, 1815-1930
- Chapter One - The Early Ontario Wheat Trade Staple Reconsidered, pp. 17-48.
- Chapter Two – Ontario Agriculture at Mid-Century, pp.49-84.
- Chapter Three – The Changing Structure of Canadian Agriculture, 1867-1897, pp.85-90.
- Chapter Four – Output and Productivity in Canadian Agriculture, 1870-71 to 1926-27, pp.91-128.
by R.M. McInnis

Migration and Madness on the Upper Canadian Frontier, 1841-1850
by Cathy E. Kindquist, pp. 129-162.

“ County Homemakers”: The Daily Lives of Prairie Women as Seen Through the Woman’s Page of the Grain Growers’ Guide, 1908-1928
by Angela E. Davis, pp. 163-174.

Transition to Settlement. The Peace Hills Indian Agency, 1884-1890
by Brian Titley, pp. 175-194.

Golden Age or Bronze Movement? Wealth and Poverty in Nova Scotia: The 1850s and 1860s
by Julian Gwyn, pp. 195-230.

Change and Continuity in the Saguenay Agriculture: The Evolution of Production and Yields (1852-1971)
by Gérard Bouchard and Régis Thibeault, pp. 231-260.

Ontario’s Dairy Industry, 1880-1920
by Robert E. Ankli, pp. 261-276.

Emigration from South Leinster to Eastern Upper Canada
by Bruce S. Elliott, pp. 277-306.

Adapting to the Frontier Environment: The Ranching Industry in Western Canada, 1881-1914
by W.M. Elofson, pp. 307-327.