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Canadian Papers in Rural History

Volume X (1996)


One or Two Things I Know About Us: Rethinking the Image and Role of the “Okies”
by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, pp.15-44.

The Bard in a Community in Transition and Decline, Oscar Dhu and the Hebridean Scots of the Upper St. Francis District, Quebec
by J.I. Little, pp.45-80.

Constance Lindsay Skinner and the Marketing of the Western Frontier
by Jean Barman, pp.81-116.

Female Virtue and Chastity in Pre-Famine Ireland: Kenneth Hugh Connell Revisited
by Andrea Ebel Broznya, pp.117-126.

The 1865 Canada Thistle Act of Upper Canada as an Expression of Common Culture of Weeds in Canada and the Northern United States
by Clint Evans, pp.127-148.

Rationality and Rationalization in Canadian National Parks’ Predator Policy
by Alan MacEachern, pp. 149-164.

'Co-Operation Pays and Pays Well': Cooperatives and the State in Ontario, 1914 to 1930
by Kerry Badgley, pp. 165-190.

The Allocation of Land to Agricultural Uses in Canada West, 1851: A View from the Individual Farm
by William L. Marr, pp. 191-204.

Not Just a Cowboy: The Practice of Ranching in Southern Alberta, 1881-1914
by W.M. Elofson, pp. 205-216.

Prairie Margins and Prairie Profits
by Michael F. Hopkinson, pp. 217-230.

Agriculture and Rural Change in Nova Scotia, 1851-1951
by Robert MacKinnon, pp. 231-274.

Peasants on the Coast? A Problematique of Rural British Columbia
by R.W. Sandwell, pp. 275-303.