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Spring Colloquium

Upcoming Colloquium

6 April, 2019

Please see below for our conference poster:

Please register online at http://www.scottishstudies.com/520-spring-colloquium-2019-onlineorder.htm​ 

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Sarah Sharp (University College Dublin), "'Terror-haunted'": Scottish Literature and the Long Shadows of the Resurrection Men"
Don Nerbas (McGill University), "Cape Breton Coal and the Trajectories of Canadian Capitalism"
James Fraser (University of Guelph), "'An Insult to the Whole Highland Race in Canada': Scottish Highlanders, the Gaelic Language, and the Parliament of Canada, 1867-1891"
Catriona M.M. MacDonald (University of Glasgow), "From Andrew Lang to John Prebble: Popular Literature in the Twentieth Century and the Making of Scotland Historical"


Jamie McDougall (University of Glasgow), “Covenants and Covenanters in Scotland 1638-1679: New Perspectives”
Stuart Macdonald (Knox College), “Remembering the Scottish Reformation: Presbyterians in Canada in 1960”
James Fraser (University of Guelph), “Thomas Innes, the Scottish Reformation and the Early Medieval Church”
Daniel MacLeod (University of Manitoba), “Cathedrals, Catholics, and Context: Thinking about the Scottish Reformation”


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