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Scottish Studies Roundtable Series

Roundtable Seminars

The Scottish Studies Roundtable Series presents seminars organised by the Centre which take place throughout the academic year (September – April) and, occasionally, during the summer months. Speakers are scholars of Scottish history including graduate students from the Centre and the University of Guelph, faculty members, local researchers and visiting scholars from universities around the province, around the country and around the world.

Attendance is free and open to the university community and the public - modest refreshments are provided.

We invite prospective speakers who are interested in giving a talk at the Scottish Studies Roundtable Series to contact the office with proposals. Please note that the Scottish Studies Roundtable Series has currently been suspended for the Winter 2019 semester.

Previous Roundtables

13 March 2018
Dr Patrick Wadden (Belmont Abbey College)
'The First Kingdom of the Isles: History and Identity on Scotland's Western Periphery, 980-1060'
13 February 2018
Shayna Devlin (University of Guelph)
'The Patronage of a Prince: The Duke of Albany and His Religious and Social Paronage'
20 November 2017
Dr John Savarese (University of Waterloo)
'Ballad Collectors and Skull Collectors: Walter Scott, Robert Chambers and the Science of Poetry'
18 October 2017
Dr Katie Barclay (University of Adelaide)
'Emotion, Lower Order Scots and Connected Communities, 1660-1830'
27 March 2017
Dominic Marner (University of Guelph)
'Innovation and experimentation in the Book of Deer and its insular context'