ENGL*2550 North American Native Literatures (ENGL*2550) | College of Arts

ENGL*2550 North American Native Literatures (ENGL*2550)

Code and section: ENGL*2550*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: Martha Nandorfy


Several genres will be studied, including novel, short story, essay, poetry, graphic novel, feature and documentary film, taking into account as a central theoretical problem that Native storytelling does not conform to European categories of representation. Some of the topics to be examined will include: the theoretical and political implications of studying Native American literatures as a minoritized and racially determined category; modes of Native storytelling and Native responses to colonial policies, postcolonial theory, and strategies of decolonization; the ongoing legacy of residential schools; comparative study of Native American and Euroamerican epistemologies; land claims; and the colonial invention of Indianness and the paradoxes of cultural identity; as well as the significance of geopolitical borders (Mexico/US and US/Canada) and less visible borders like the one separating the Arctic from Southern Canada, and Natives from Euramericans within national borders. Special attention will be paid to forms of political resistance in relation to environmental and other human rights.


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