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Lion In the Streets

lion in the streets posterNovember - 10,15,16 and 17 at 7:30pm  - 11 and 18 at 2:00pm
George Luscombe Theatre
University of Guelph


Lion in the Streets is so harsh that it makes you feel like you've been stripped, beaten, and abandoned, and so compassionate that it releases floods of grief and gratitude with its touch. 
- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Strait


Judith Thompson wrote Lion in the Streets as a delayed, and largely unconscious response to the murder, in 1983, of nine year Sharon Morningstar Keenan in the neighborhood in Toronto where she lives with her family.  The play initially explored moments of crisis in the lives of a diverse and changing community.  Soon enough "Isobel," who is the ghost of a girl murdered seventeen years before the action of the play, asserted herself and entered the play. Lion in the Streets charts Isobel’s returning to earth to hunt down her killer and take revenge.

Warning: mature content, possibly triggering some people, not suitable for all.