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Amarllyis, written by Pascal Brullemans

Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2022


Location: Arts Performance Theatre, Alumni Walk MacKinnon Building Guelph

Evening Performances: November 17, 18, 19 @7:30pm

Matinee Performance: November 19 @2pm

Director: Kim McLeod

Scenography: Troy Hourie & THST 3&4 Production Students


Plot: It’s Amaryllis’ birthday and she is on a mission: to spread the ashes of her dead sister. However, her sister appears, begging Amaryllis to help release her from the land of the living. The two sisters embark on an exciting adventure in this play of tragedy and love.

Cast: Meagan Downes as Amaryllis Sam Heath as Fey Rainbow Kester as Narrator Dan Reader as Dad

Production Students: Chelsea Evason, Cassandra Friesen, Sophie Hughes, Matthew Ivanoff, Gemma Kraehling, Sophia Lavergne, Catherine Leis, Joe McBride, Chandra Menezes, Kate Meredith, Natasha Meredith, Rianna Morgan, Ella Odeh, Simone Shaw, Johnny Vag, Piper Westlake


General admission: $20

Student admission: $10


Tickets available on Eventbrite:

Content Advisory This performance depicts and/or makes reference to the following: death/dying, the loss of a sibling/child, illness, family dysfunction, and contains changes in lighting, sudden noises, and live-feed and projection.

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