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Alice Hinchliffe

PhD student
School of English and Theatre Studies

Alice Hinchliffe (she/her) is a French PhD student in the English Literature/Theatre Studies department at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on Canadian adaptations of Shakespeare. Her dissertation will explore the meta-fictional adaptations of Shakespearean characters as characters, and ultimately the appropriation of Shakespeare himself as a character  in plays, graphic novels, choose your own adventure books, and web-series.

Alice got her BA with Honours (with a major in English and Theatre and a minor in French literature), and MA (English&Theatre) at McGill University with longer research projects on Shakespeare's plays (respectively the Histories and the Roman plays). Her research interests include (but are not limited to): Shakespeare studies, early modern drama, adaptation studies, Canadian literature, eighteenth century English drama, cross-dressing/queer theory in eighteenth century England.