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Peter Kuling

Assistant Professor
School of English and Theatre Studies
Phone number: 
x 54341


PhD, University of New Brunswick
MA, University of Toronto
BFA, York University


  • Canadian Theatre and Literature
  • Early Modern Theatre
  • Theatre History and Historiography
  • Performance Studies
  • Video Games, eSports, and Virtual Reality
  • Queer Theory and Gender Studies
  • Theatre Production and Digital Media



Peter Kuling teaches courses on introductions to theatre and performance, theatre history, dramaturgy, ensemble practices, digital performance, and special topics on media theory and performance technology. His research focuses on early modern and Canadian theatre as well as performance theory across theatrical adaptations, digital media, video games, professional sports, and queer history. He has edited special journal issues on Digital Performance, Theatre and Sports, and Drag as well as contributed to anthologies on Gender and Theatre, Shakespeare in Canada, and Theatre and Immigration.

He is currently directing Shakespeare VR projects in partnership with SimWave VR for High School, College, and University students across the province of Ontario. Hamlet VR Experience is available via Ontario Exchange eCampus while Macbeth VR Experience is still in development and slated for release in Fall 2023.

He is also an Associate Editor with the International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media. He also works with the program team for IQeSports to reinforce positive communication, intercultural, and competitive education through online video games.



Globe VR Experience. Director. Produced by Ontario Exchange. Developed by SimWave VR. Virtual Reality, 2024. In Production.


Macbeth VR Experience. Director. Produced by Ontario Exchange. Developed by SimWave VR. Starring André Sills, Julie Lumsden, Virgilia Griffith, Lauren Foster, Kristopher Bowman, Deborah Hay, Jonathan Tan, Jason Cadieux, and Seana McKenna as Hecate. Virtual Reality, 2023.


Hamlet VR Experience. Director. Produced by Ontario Exchange. Developed by SimWave VR. Starring Kyle Blair, Peter Fernandes, Kyle Golemba, and Gabriella Sundar Singh. Virtual Reality, 2022.


A Shot in the Dark. Producer and Narrator. Theatre Ensemble Radio Play Production, 2021. Download



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