Sculpture | College of Arts


The sculpture studios in SOFAM include a fully equipped wood and metal shop, a digital production space with several 3D printers and Apple workstations, and three well-lit studios that provide space for undergraduate students to work on their assignments and independent projects.

Students in sculpture explore a variety of technical and conceptual strategies, spanning modernist and post-modernist art, formalist, material-based inquiries, as well as the critical and conceptual methodologies employed by many contemporary artists working today. Students will learn how to safely operate a wide variety of tools through an active engagement with numerous materials and methods, in addition to learning a number of common construction and assembly methods. Basic training in 2D and 3D CAD software will introduce students to possibilities in digital design and computer fabrication.

The acquisition of technical skills is an important concern in the study of sculpture, but in our program, skills training is approached from the standpoint of exploration, not mastery. Students in sculpture will not only develop the technical skills to work independently in the shops in our facility but will also acquire a solid understanding of the unique cultural status of the sculptural object, and how it functions as a vehicle for personal and social meaning in contemporary society.