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Honours B.A. in European Studies

Your passport to an international future.

The growth in transnational and transcontinental connectedness has emphasized the need for a multi-disciplinary and comparative approach to culture, society, history, politics, and trade, and has created a demand for graduates with language and management knowledge and overseas experience, particularly in Europe.

Our program in European Studies will prepare you for a career in Canadian-European relations. You will concentrate on German, French, Italian or Spanish and choose among history, political science, literature, art history, administration, economics, and business courses in an area of emphasis in either culture and civilization or business. You can also gain cultural immersion in a study year in Europe.

Airplane. Experience another culture through an immersive study abroad and learn another language.

First Year

  • Begin your studies with EURO*1100 European Cinema. This course focuses on the interaction between aesthetic and narrative choices, and the political and cultural conditions in Europe. In the Winter semester, you may choose EURO*2200 Towards European Modernism.

  • We recommend you begin your language course in first year. Some example courses are FREN*1200, GERM*1100, ITAL*1060, SPAN*1100.

  • As a European Studies Major, you will emphasize your studies in either European Culture and Civilization or European Business – you may wish to complete a courses in both areas, to help determine which path is best for you.


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Alumna- Caitlin Vito

Caitlin Vito, now Political Officer at the High Commission of Canada (UK) graduated from the University of Guelph in 2012 with a major in European Studies and a minor in German. As part of her programme, she studied at the University of Konstanz  for the academic year 2010-11. She returned to Germany in the summer of 2012 to work as a research assistant at the University of Bremen, with a travel scholarship from the College of Arts. She graduated from the Erasmus-Mundus M.A. programme in Global Studies at the University of Leipzig. Caitlin shares her experience after completing her studies. 

Sample Careers

  • Embassy officer
  • Foreign service officer
  • Transnational companies in Europe or North America
  • Positions within the tourism industry
  • Cultural event planner
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Sample Further Education

  • Masters programs in a wide range of fields including European culture, language and business
  • Law School
  • Teachers College
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