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Guelph Musicians' Reactions to COVID-19

A SONIC TAPESTRY: Guelph Musicians' Reactions to COVID-19

 A Sonic Tapestry: a collection of videos and songs from Guelph Musicians' reactions to COVID-19. This project will be available for viewing for one year until it is sealed back into our time capsule on September 13th, 2021.

Featuring original works from
Adam Bowman, Alpha Kayondo, Luyos MC, Andrew McPherson, Joseph Murray, NEFE, Joni NehRita, Marion Samuel-Stevens, Bonnie Trash, Voidii, and Mohammadreza Yazdanpanah.

Following the premiere of our Sonic Tapestry, a live virtual roundtable including participating artists and moderators Dr. Alyssa Woods and Kimberly Francis of the University of Guelph discussed the artists' pieces, along with how the pandemic has shaped and will continue to shape the future of arts.

This project was generously funded by The University of Guelph Creating in a Time of Coronavirus Fund and the College of Arts.