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Where are they Wednesday: Elin Marley

Elin Marley
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology Major and French Minor, (2006)
School Garden Educator and Outdoor Educator, Toronto, ON.

Elin Marley completed her Bachelor of Arts with the College of Arts in 2006, graduating with an Anthropology Major and French Minor. She then moved to Europe studying her Masters in Culture, Environment and Sustainability at the University of Oslo from 2006-2008. While living in Guelph, Elin’s interest in local and sustainable food began to grow visiting the Guelph farmers market over the years. Food became the connection between her studies in anthropology and environmental studies, tying together culture and environmental sustainability. Back in Ontario, Elin completed a 6-month internship on a small organic family farm in 2009, learning hands-on skills about growing food. She volunteered and worked with school gardens and food justice organizations such as FoodShare Toronto and Green Thumbs Growing Kids. In 2010, Elin began working as a School Garden Educator in Toronto elementary schools and has since started her own school food garden education company, Seedling Stories (@seedlingstories) which she continues to do today. To learn more about the work Elin is doing, you can check out her blog, here: https://seedlingstories.wordpress.com/about/.

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