Where are they Wednesday: Heena Mistry | College of Arts

Where are they Wednesday: Heena Mistry

Heena Mistry

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist at Wilfrid Laurier University

Bachelor of Arts, History Major and French Minor (2013)


Today's Where Are They Wednesday feature is on History graduate Heena Mistry!

Heena graduated from the University of Guelph in our Bachelor of Arts History program in 2013, with a minor in French Studies, and was an undergraduate research assistant in two departments while completing her BA. Heena went on to complete her MA in History in 2014 and her PhD in Global History, focusing on South Asian Diaspora History, Nationalism, and Abolition of Indenture at Queen's University. Heena received experience as an adjunct professor at Queen's and research associate, including archival research at Harvard libraries. She produced publications for the Toynbee Prize Foundation and our local Guelph Mercury Tribute, among others.

Heena was the co-creator behind the Breezy Breakfast Radio Hour podcast, discussing Guelph politics and the local community, aired on UofG's very own CFRU station.

Currently, Heena continues to work in academia at Wildrid Laurier University as their Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist. Congratulations on all your achievements and success, Heena! We're so proud to call you own of our own.

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